What is IPTV?

IPTV is gradually establishing itself as a new way of consuming television. What is it, and why are we going to hear more and more about it? We take a closer look at this phenomenon that is shaking up the world of television.

In recent years, television viewing has changed dramatically. The democratisation of the Internet has reshuffled the deck, and it is now possible to access your favourite programmes and films at will, thanks to IPTV. But what is this service that is spreading like wildfire?

IPTV, which stands for Internet Protocol TeleVision, uses Internet technology to broadcast TV programmes ‘on demand’. Unlike linear television, which is broadcast live, IPTV is delivered via Internet boxes. In simple terms, IPTV sends programmes and films over your standard Internet connection. This system is widely used by major video-on-demand companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and RMC Sport.

The strength of IPTV is that viewers can choose the content that interests them and watch it at any time without using a recorder. The system is also easy to use, with the ability to pause, record and rewind content. IPTV is also used to watch catch-up TV. Finally, it is possible to watch IPTV live, as is the case with ordinary television.

As most television sets are not equipped for IPTV, the purchase of a set-top box may be essential for the time being. IPTV can be accessed using different types of medium, such as an Internet browser. IPTV is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. To make it work, all you have to do is go to the URL of the IPTV service provider and then choose the programme you want.

Beware of illegality

As long as providers pay for the right to broadcast the channels on offer, whether they are part of their pay or free-to-air package, IPTV is perfectly legal. However, it becomes illegal as soon as it provides access to content broadcast by players who do not have the rights to that content.

The illegal IPTV market is made up of pirates and vendors who sell boxes and subscriptions enabling access to many programmes that are normally encrypted. These specific boxes can be bought on the Internet and sometimes offer access to pay-TV channels without having to pay for their respective subscriptions, which is obviously illegal. Offenders are liable to penalties. These can range from a simple fine for the subscriber to a prison sentence for the most serious repeat offenders.

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