Which topics are most popular on the Internet?

Due to the rapid evolution of the Internet, the most sought-after topics are constantly changing in line with current trends and world events. However, some topics always seem to generate a great deal of interest.

ridplace.com indexes the public bookmarks of its users and allows you to find the best rated and commented sites and applications on the following topics.

Here are just a few of the topics that have been popular over the years and may continue to be so:


Movies, TV series, celebrities, music, video games, etc.


World events, politics, economics, sports, health, etc.


Smartphones, gadgets, computing, apps, technology trends, etc.


Tourist destinations, travel tips, cultural discoveries, etc.

Health and well-being

Natural remedies, fitness, nutrition, mental health, etc.


Trends, style tips, brands, fashion shows, etc.


Recipes, restaurants, gastronomy, special diets, etc.


Animal breeds, pet care, cute videos and images, etc.


Online courses, learning new skills, tutorials, etc.


Sustainability, recycling, green energy, etc: Sustainability, recycling, green energy, climate change, etc.

Keep in mind that these topics can vary in popularity according to region and target audience. Search engines and trend analysis tools can help you identify the most popular topics at any given time.

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