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Welcome to Ridplace Site Manager.

This tools is free!

Manage your favorite sites with this application.
Find your sites and your bookmarks more easily.

Authenticate yourself or create an account, it’s free.

With Ridplace Site Manager

  • Explore your bookmarks
  • Manage and organize your bookmarks (add some, delete some)
  • Search in your bookmarks
  • Comment your bookmarks

The Best Bookmark Manager

This application is compatible with all browsers: chrome, firefox, safari, edge

It’s very simple (and free 🙂 ) to register, an the to add and manage sites and bookmarks.

Ridplace site manager is a free online bookmark manager.

Why use Ridplace Bookmark manager Tools

You want to store your favorite websites the use Ridplace bookmark manager.

You want to access and manage your bookmarks even if you are on several computers, mobiles then use ridplace bookmark manager tools.

You want to share to your colleagues , to your friends to your families your favorite site the use Ridplace Site Manager

You want to publish some of yours favorite website and bookmarks the use ridplace Site Mnanager

You want to comment, to tag your bookmarks to make them known or find them more easily

An all in one bookmark manager

Ridplace is a free bookmark manager which integrates all the possibilities and the features of the best bookmarks manager!

Save and tag your online resources for easy access anytime, anywhere, just connect to ridplace

Just register! it’s free!

Ridplace is the best way to manage bookmarks

Explore Ridplace users public bookmarks

Explore public bookmarks, read comments

And publish your own favourite resources

The best rating bookmarks on ridplace

Ridplace Best Site Manager Chrome Extension

  • Bookmark and comment a website in one click
  • Add your active tabs as a bookmark
  • Comment your active tabs

Questions / Support

If you have any questions concerning the use of ridplace bookmarks manager, you can contact our expert team! and you can also read the Frequently ask questions documentation

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