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Ridplace Site Manager

Ridplace Site Manager makes it very easy to manage bookmarks.

By default bookmarks are private. The user can make them visible and public.

The user can delete these bookmarks at any time.

The user can delete his account and his data at any time.

User data

Ridplace site Manager collects user data to let the user manage its bookmarks.

Email : The user email and the encrypted password are stored and are private. they are used to let the user log in to ridplace site manager

First name, Last name: the name data are stored in the user account. the user can modify or delete them.

Website bookmarks: The bookmarks are stored on the ridplace site manager application. By default, they are private. The authenticated user can share or unshare a bookmark in the “My Bookmarks” page. a public bookmarks will appear in the “public bookmarks” section of the ridplace web site

User Profile: the user profile is public by default and visible in the Members section of the ridplace application. The user can hide its profile in the account section. The user can delete his account and his data at any time.

User profile picture: The profile picture is stored on the ridplace website. It’s displayed on the user account. the user can change its profile picture or remove it at any time.

Those data are never shared with third application.

Ridplace Site Manager Chrome Extension

The user can install the ridplace site manager extension. The extension use cookies to authenticated the user. Once the user is authenticated. He can bookmark the active tab in his ridplace account.

The extension sends to the url of the tabs used by the user to increment the number of views of site. The the user can sort its bookmarks by number of views on

Cookies uses cookies to allow the user to remain authenticated and to use, if desired, the chrome extension ridplace site manager

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