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The ridplace editorial team decided to publish this article on translation tools because many ridplace users have bookmarked some of the tools that make life and work more convenient.

For some years now, translation has been evolving enormously. The role of some translators has even changed significantly. This is linked to the emergence of machine translation.

Machine translation has been around for some time now, and it means that translations can be done much more quickly than before. This time saving will result in considerable financial savings.

However, one of the questions we’re asking is whether there is a gain in terms of editorial quality, and what are the advantages of using this technique?

What is online translation?

Online translation first appeared on the scene a few years ago. A real turning point in the field of translation, it offers many advantages, which we’ll be talking about shortly.

Before praising its merits, let’s take a look at what online translation,actually is.
Online translation is the process of translating a document using a computer with translation software.

Depending on the complexity of the text, it can sometimes be tricky for a computer to translate the real meaning of the words.
This is why human beings cannot be totally substituted for machines.

What are the advantages of machine translation?

Online translation offers a number of advantages, both for translators and for the customers requesting the translation.
Let’s take a look at the strengths of this new translation system.

Saving translation time

Online translation lives up to its name, because a few seconds after entering the text and choosing the language to be translated, the text will be translated almost instantaneously.

This is a considerable advantage for the translator, who can concentrate on more projects. However, even if the text is translated fairly quickly, it is important not to neglect the proofreading process.

As the computer and the various translation software programs do not necessarily interpret the text 100%, it will be necessary to proofread the text accurately.

So, although online translation saves time, it is important not to neglect anything when it comes to proofreading.

Financial benefits for the customer and the translator

The fact that the translator spends less time correcting and analysing the text means that the translation will cost less to the client.
The financial gain is sometimes quite significant and will then enable the client to request another type of service, proofreading by a third party.

The third party will analyse and, above all, correct any errors, typos or mistranslations in the text. This will improve the quality of the text.

When is it better to avoid machine translation?

It is important to consider whether there is a limit to machine translation. In some fields, it may indeed be more delicate than others.
This is the case in the legal and medical sectors, for example.

In the latter, it is possible to use machine translation, but it will be important to carry out extensive proofreading of the output.
Translation is one of the oldest professions in the world, dating back to Egyptian times. Since then, it has continued to modernise, culminating in the latest invention, machine translation.

Online translation offers numerous advantages for both the client and the translator.
It saves time and money for both parties. However, it is important not to neglect proofreading, as machine translation can sometimes be rather inaccurate.
Finally, to obtain a quality translation of your documents, we recommend that you use a professional translator.

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