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   4.0 (3 ratings )    1 comment(s). Build a Site, Sell Your Stuff, Start a Blog & More website picture

Create a free website or build a blog with ease on Dozens of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes. Free hosting and support.


   3.0 (1 ratings )
Super — Create Websites with Notion website picture

Create a website in less than a minute with instant page loads, SEO optimization, and no-code theming. All your content is kept and managed in Notion so you can focus on creating while Super handles the rest.

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Create Email Marketing Your Audience Will Love - MailerLite website picture

Digital marketing tools to grow your audience faster and drive revenue smarter. Backed by 24/7 award-winning support. Check it out now!

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What about website builder

you want to create websites simply, quickly and without requiring in-depth technical skills in programming or web design. Here are some of the main reasons why people search for and use website builder platforms:

1. Ease of use: Website builders are generally designed to be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that allows users to create and customize their website without having to write code.

2. Time-saving: Thanks to pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop tools, users can quickly create their website without having to start from scratch. This saves time compared with traditional web design.

3. Affordable cost: Website builders often offer affordable or even free subscription plans, making website creation more financially accessible.

4. Flexibility and customization: While initial templates can be used for a quick start, website builders also offer the option of customizing design, layout, colors and functionality to meet the specific needs of each user.

5. No installation required: Being cloud-based, website builders don't require any additional software to be installed on the user's computer. Everything is accessible online via the web browser.

6. Responsive: Sites created with website builders are generally designed to be responsive, meaning they automatically adapt to different screen sizes, delivering an optimal experience on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

7. Updates and maintenance: Website builders generally take care of security updates and software maintenance, relieving users of these technical tasks.

8. Technical support: Many website builder services offer technical support to help users with any problems or questions they may have concerning their website.

By using a website builder, individuals, small businesses and professionals can create functional, attractive websites tailored to their specific needs, without having to depend entirely on a professional web developer. This allows greater autonomy and control over the creation of their online presence.

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