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Figma: The Collaborative Interface Design Tool website picture

Figma is the leading collaborative design tool for building meaningful products. Seamlessly design, prototype, develop, and collect feedback in a single platform.

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Design Systems Repo | A Collection of Design System Resources website picture

An organized and frequently updated collection of Design System examples, resources, tools, articles and videos.

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List | Design Systems Directory website picture

Search over 230 design systems documentation sites.

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Design System Checklist website picture

An open-source checklist to help you plan, build and grow your design system.

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What about design system

What is a Design System?

A design system is a collection of reusable components, guidelines, and assets that are used to create consistent and cohesive user interfaces (UIs) across different products and platforms. It provides a set of rules, principles, and best practices for designing and developing digital products. Design systems help maintain visual and functional consistency, improve efficiency, and enhance collaboration between designers and developers .

Benefits of a Design System

1. Consistency: A design system ensures that all UI elements and interactions are consistent across different products and platforms, providing a unified and seamless user experience.

2. Efficiency: By providing a library of pre-designed and pre-developed components, a design system enables designers and developers to work more efficiently, reducing duplication of effort and saving time and resources.

3. Scalability: Design systems are designed to be scalable, allowing for the easy addition of new components and features as products evolve and grow .

4. Collaboration: Design systems facilitate collaboration between designers and developers by providing a shared language and set of guidelines. This helps align the design and development processes and ensures a smooth workflow.

5. Brand Consistency: A design system helps maintain brand consistency by providing guidelines for typography, colors, imagery, and other visual elements. This ensures that the product's design aligns with the overall brand identity.

6. Accessibility: Design systems can include accessibility guidelines and best practices, ensuring that products are usable by a wide range of users, including those with disabilities .

7. Documentation: Design systems often include documentation that provides guidance on how to use and implement the components, making it easier for new team members to onboard and contribute to the design and development process .

How to Create a Design System

1. Identify the Need: Identify the problem or need that a design system will address. This could be the need for consistency, scalability, or improved collaboration.

2. Conduct Audits and Research: Conduct audits of existing UI elements and gather feedback from stakeholders and users to identify pain points and areas for improvement .

3. Define Principles and Guidelines: Establish design principles and guidelines that will govern the design system. This includes defining typography, color palettes, spacing, and other visual and interaction guidelines .

4. Create Components: Design and develop reusable components that can be used across different products and platforms. These components should follow the established design principles and guidelines.

5. Document and Communicate: Create documentation that provides guidance on how to use and implement the design system. This documentation should be easily accessible and regularly updated .

6. Iterate and Evolve: Design systems are not static and should be continuously iterated and improved based on user feedback and changing design and technology trends.

Examples of Design Systems

1. Atlassian Design System: Atlassian, a software company, has developed its own design system that provides a library of components and guidelines for creating consistent user interfaces across their products .

2. Spotify Design System: Spotify has a comprehensive design system that goes beyond platforms and covers various aspects such as space, grids, layouts, iconography, and typography .

3. Orange Design System: Orange, a telecommunications company, has created a design system that includes design guidelines and interface components for designers and developers to work efficiently and create compelling user experiences .

4. Design Systems France: Design Systems France is an independent French-speaking community dedicated to design systems and design operations. They organize events, meetups, conferences, and provide resources and a Slack community for design system enthusiasts .

These examples demonstrate the diverse range of design systems and their applications in different industries and organizations.

A design system is a valuable tool for creating consistent and cohesive user interfaces. It provides a set of guidelines, components, and assets that help maintain visual and functional consistency, improve efficiency, and enhance collaboration between designers and developers. By following a systematic approach, organizations can create their own design systems to streamline their design and development processes.

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